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On Your Doorstep Baldock - letter of recommendation

I was so pleased yesterday when cleaning at a house to have the owner ask me about a letter in the latest copy of "on your doorstep". I had not seen the publication yet but she was happy to show me the lovely letter from Margaret saying what a fantastic job Legacy had done at cleaning her home. So lovely to read such nice words about myself and the team. 

New Home Cleaning Services from Legacy

Owing to our success in providing home cleaning services we have some new things our cleaners can offer to make your day a little easier when you get home. Please let us know if you would be interested in adding any of these to your cleaning service:

  • unloading your dishwasher
  • changing bed linen
  • ironing
  • feeding animals
  • letting animals out in the garden
  • emptying rubbish from your general waste and recycling to your outside wheelie bin

Mobile Domestic Cleaner Required

Mobile Domestic Cleaner Required.
Own Car is Essential.
Legacy Cleaning is a rapidly growing domestic cleaning company and now require a part time cleaning operative to initially work approx. 16-20 hrs per hours per week over 4-5 days with more hours quickly becoming available as new contracts start if required, £7.25 per hour.
Our core hours are 09:00-15:00 so would suit school times.
Based around Hitchin/Letchworth and surrounding villages, the candidate will be required to drive from property to property and clean to a high standard.

Great start to 2015

We have enjoyed a great start to 2015 with new contracts started in Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock.

I think there are a number of reasons people have chosen Legacy rather than another company or person to clean their home. Legacy offer you:

  • Reliability -I never want to let someone down and I think in the last 2 years I have only had to cancel a handful of cleans due to extreme circumstances. This means even if your regular cleaner is on holiday or off work sick I will still ensure your home is cleaned by one of my team or by me on the day/time we have agreed.

Legacy Introduce New Service - Diamond Polishing to Granite, Stone & Marble Surfaces

Are you tied of dull patchy looking granite surfaces?

Did you buy granite surfaces thinking they were nearly impossible to damage and now a few years on you are wondering what happened to that mirror shine you once had?

What you maybe didn't realise is that home general cleaners actually can damage stone surfaces. Typical household cleaning chemicals can eat away at the surface and make it dull and less smooth to touch.

At Legacy we offer diamond polishing services to bring your surfaces back to their original luster and although the name implies great expense you will be surprised at our prices and they are definitely much cheaper than replacing your surfaces.

Cleaner needed in Stotfold

We are looking for a new cleaner to start with us in January cleaning a business premise in Stotfold for a couple of hours twice a week in the afternoon. Above minimum wage rate of pay. Contact us for more information or to show your interest.

Legacy Prize Draw - Win 6 Months of Cleaning in Your Home

Deep Cleaning - getting rid of tough limescale and calcium build up

Today I've been helping out with some of my team on a one off deep clean. With the hard water in the North Hertfordshire area one of our tasks was getting tough on limescale and calcium build up which  leads to unpleasant marks on your taps, showers, sinks, marble surfaces and anywhere else where water is left to dry. 

Knowing the best way to clean each item is very important to us as we want to fully remove the limescale but not damage the surface, this is where our 20 years experience professional cleaning is handy.

The Legacy Contract Cleaning News page is here!!

Welcome to the Legacy Contract Cleaning news page. Following numerous requests from clients we thought it time to start this page to share any offers we have for our current and new customers, update you about any new members to the Legacy cleaning team and also maybe share some useful hints and tips we have learnt from our 20 years in the commercial cleaning industry. Also don't forget to check out our facebook page .
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